Frequently asked questions

  1. What is MTD?

  2. Does this include all HMRC transactions?

    • No, for April 2019 the only transaction is VAT submissions
    • Other transactions are planned for April 2020
  3. When must MTD VAT be implemented?

  4. Does Brexit affect MTD?

  5. Are there options to defer or delay?

    • HMRC offer some exceptions for complex businesses (to October 2019) on an exceptional basis
  6. What data will be sent to HMRC through MTD for VAT?

    • The information contained inthe 9 boxes required for the current VAT return will be communicated
  7. If I don't have a digital system, can I submit the VAT manually after April 2019?

    • No - the data must be stored digitally before being submitted via MTD
  8. Who should I talk to about MTD?

    • Contct your tax agent or accountant to discuss your specific requirements and needs
  9. Is HMRC providing software?

    • No. HMRC only provides a digital interface to which 3rd party software can connect
  10. When was this announced?

  11. Does HMRC accept other digital transactions?

    • Yes, many of the interactions with HMRC can be managed electonically - the full list is here
  12. Who is affected by MTD?

    • All VAT-registered businesses with a taxable turnover above the VAT threshold are required to use the Making Tax Digital service
  13. Is MTD in place already?

    • Yes - HMRC have operated a limited pilot since April 2018 and a public pilot from October 2018.
  14. What about handover from previous periods?

    • Set the start date to the start date of the first period, then if there are older transactions that need to be included, journal them forward in to the date range. You could do this individually or one-to-many using the journal entry form.
    • For future periods, any stragglers will be left over.
  15. Can the module be used to send separate VAT returns for a Multi Company setup?

    • Yes. In a multi-company set-up, each company would hold it's own configuration parameters (VRN etc) and work independently of any other company sharing the same database for sending their own returns to HMRC
  16. What if submitting my VAT return doesn’t go to plan?

  17. How do I fix errors with my submitted return?

  18. Who should I contact at HMRC?

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