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For smaller organisations requiring integration in preparation for the HMRC Making Tax Digital initiative, there are a number of cost-effective tools available which allow VAT submission via spreadsheet add-ons or API’s.

Avalara MTD Filer

The Avalara MTS filler is an Excel add-on which is suitable for small businesses who currently use spreadsheets for VAT records and is free to download.

With an automatic installer, MTD Filer enables a business to review, authorise and send VAT returns to HMRC via the approved API. The API will also retrive information such as payment history, VAT liablities and highlight any outstanding returns.

At the time of writing, the product is still in development and will be available to be downloaded here.

Absolute Excel VAT Filer

The Absolute Excel VAT Filer is suitable for individuals, partnerships or small businesses with up to 10 people. Pricing starts from £40 per month for a 13 month period with free support via email.

As a stand-alone Excel-based product, the application is easy to set up, requiring just a user name and password, and saves to your desktop, and enables VAT submission to HMRC in the required 9 box format. Note this will only run on Windows 7 or later operating systems and only on Excel 2010 or later versions. This can be purchased here.

File My VAT Return

Free-to-download File My VAT Return bridging software consists of a ‘front sheet’ add-on which may be incorporated into any excel multi sheet spreadsheet.

Data is transferred from the spreadhseet and submitted to the filing webpage without any manual keying of data following a 5 step process. It can be integrated into any Excel XLS workbook for Mac or Windows operating systems.

At the time of writing, the product is still in development and it will be available to download here.

Note: OpusVL is not related to the organisations presented on this page and does not endorse or support the products. The items listed are purely for information and signposting for small businesses.

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