Odoo MTD beta-tester programme journal

We will keep this page updated with details of progress with the Odoo Making Tax Digital beta test.

If you would like to know more about the Odoo Making Tax Digital modules, take a look here.

04/06/2019 Beta Tester progress update

Our candidate release modules and our 'Getting started' guide have now been made available to our beta testers for final testing prior to release

23/05/2019 V8 module follow up

Our version 8 'Getting started' guide is now complete and modules are available to purchase

01/05/2019 V8 now available to purchase

The Odoo Making Tax Digital Solution for Odoo Version 8 is now available to purchase.

05/04/2019 VAT module: V8 Status Update

The VAT module for version 8 has now been released to our Beta Testers

04/04/2019 HMRC Approval

We can confirm that our modules have now been approved by HMRC and we are listed on their online portal for approved Making Tax Digital software suppliers

13/03/2019 VAT module: Status update

Preparation for the V8 beta release is scheduled for w/c 18th March 2019. This will include user guides and instructions and the module will be released to beta testers on 25th March 2019.

11/03/2019 VAT module & Connector: Status update

Odoo V9 Community and later do not include the chart of taxes and this is required to operate OdooMTD. We have scheduled the build of the tax chart and once complete, will continue V9+ testing.

06/03/2019 VAT module: Status update

The alpha testing for V8 has now been completed. The feedback received from alpha testing are being incorporated and is planned to finish by 14th March 2019

05/03/2019 VAT module & Connector: Status update

Submitted to HMRC for certification

01/03/2019 VAT Module: Status update

The developement of the VAT module has been successfully completed for Odoo version 8 and is currently in the alpha testing phase

21/02/2019 HMRC Connector: Status update

HMRC connector modules have now been released to Beta testers for versions 8 to 12

12/02/2019 HMRC Connector: Status update

This is to update that all the versions (8,9,10,11,12) of 'MTD Connector module' are ready for the Beta testers

11/02/2019 HMRC Connector: Status update

V9 is now completed. So with this, we have now all 'MTD connector module' versions (8,9,10,11,12) developed and alpha-tested

08/02/2019 HMRC Connector: Status update

As here is an update for you on the progress of hosted Release of MTD connector module:

  • Versions 10 & 11 are ready for beta release.
  • Versions 8 & 12 are developed, tested and ready for alpha-testing on our internal servers - expected to complete alpha testing by Monday 11th Feb.
  • Version 9 is under development and is expected to be completed by Tuesday 12th Feb.

06/02/2019 Programme: Applicant update

All beta-tester applicants have been notified whether they are successful or not and those accepted briefed about the two parts of the module.

Beta tester contracts have been sent out and the majority have been returned.

05/02/2019 HMRC Connector: Status update

The 'HMRC MTD Connector module' for versions 10 & 11 is now ready for the shared hosting testers. Other versions will follow shortly.

04/02/2019 HMRC Connector: Status update

V10 and v11 shared hosted versions of Odoo are now ready for the connector module. beta testers for the shared platform will be contacted shortly.

The versions for distribution are queued for a further code review. Testers who will be receiving a copy of the module for their own installations will be notified once this is complete.

29/01/2019 HMRC Connector: Status update

The HMRC Connector for Odoo V10 and V11 are now complete, V8 is in progress and V9 / V12 planned next.

HMRC MTD validation has commenced for the V11 Connector and we expect to have sign-off within the next week.

Code review has taken longer than expected so the modules have not yet been circulated to self-hosted testers. However MTD beta-testers who will be accessing the hosted service will have access this week.

Once the code review is complete, self-hosted testers will be given access to the HMRC Connector module for their appropriate version.

23/01/2019 Programme: Applicant update

Successful applicants for the beta test programme will be informed over the next two days and invited to sign the beta-tester agreement. Once signed up, the module will be distributed or made available through the hosted service, depending on tester requirements.

22/01/2019 HMRC Connector: Status update

The HMRC Connector is being packaged for distribution to beta testers.

In preparation for the beta test, participants will need to obtain credentials from HMRC to be used by the HMRC MTD connector module, and following this, live credentials for operational use. A message will be sent shortly detailing the steps to generate both sets of credentials.

18/01/2019 Programme: Applicant update

Following greater than anticipated response to the invitation for Odoo / HMRC MTD beta testers, an initial review has taken place by the development team and recommendations for participants include a range of organisations from small to large, users and service providers using a broad range of versions locally and hosted to provide optimal testing coverage.

Key factors for selection include the ability to provide quality feedback and desire expressed to engage fully in the programme.

16/01/2019 HMRC Connector: Status update

The HMRC MTD connector module has passed the alpha-testing stage and is currently being packaged to enable distribution. We expect that this will be made available to the successful programme participants within 7-10 working days.

11/01/2019 Programme: Beta tester applications are now closed

Thank you to all who responded to the invitation and applied to join the Odoo MTD programme. Beta-test applications have now closed and selection outcomes will be notified shortly.

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